Leading the way with BIM

Having developed BIM (Building Information Modelling) capability over the last few years, Baxall’s PAS1192-2 accredited BIM systems are our default for project delivery providing significant benefits for our clients, supply chain and stakeholders.

Leading the way with BIM

As a forward-thinking SME we established an early reputation for embracing innovation and modernisation within the industry and are at the forefront of adopting pioneering solutions to enhance our design and build capability.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is one of the latest tech-driven innovations to revolutionise the construction sector. Essentially BIM is a powerful and collaborative 3D digital model which enables every construction-linked discipline involved on a project to access centralised data. By creating and sharing information on a building’s design, construction, operation and maintenance we can simplify and streamline the decision-making process. This in turn helps to reduce cost while keeping an efficient track of the complete lifecycle of a building, from conceptual design stage right through to eventual demolition and renovation.

Digital detail on demand

Key benefits of BIM:

  • Reduced waste (design, procurement, construction), and therefore reduced costs
  • Improved programme with more reliable construction scheduling
  • Data-rich 3D models provide accurate cost and programme information, as well as manage delivery and change risk
  • Improved visualisation – enriched client and stakeholder engagement experience
  • Enhanced collaboration through process and technology

Having developed and refined our BIM capability in recent years, our PAS1192-2-accredited BIM systems are Baxall’s default for project delivery and provide significant, tangible benefits for our clients, supply chain and stakeholders. Our collaborative approach to successful BIM delivery recognises that all parties have varying levels of competency and development; our overall aim is to ensure BIM is effectively and efficiently applied to add value and provide quality outputs suitable for use after handover and throughout a building’s operation.

As an early adopter of BIM, we have delivered a detailed training package of digital construction workshops across the South East to consolidate and enhance BIM understanding, processes and skills across our teams, including our clients and supply chain partners. We also support and advise other main contractors in the region in starting and developing their BIM capability, and enhancing their own collaborative working processes.

“Baxall’s approach to collaborative working has been exemplary and the construction stage experience of BIM we have gained from working with such a forward-looking and innovative contractor has been immeasurable. They lead by example, creating an environment where any digitally-enabled design team can flourish.”

Jonathan Sargood, BIM Manager, HMY Architects


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