Caffyns VW

New Build, Alterations, Refurbishment and Fit Out of Showroom Facilities

Project Details


Brighton, East Sussex


Caffyns Plc

Project Manager




Baxall Delivery

Team 2

Programme Period

15 Weeks

Contract Value


Following the successful delivery of the design and build car showroom at Caffyns Lewes in East Sussex, Baxall were awarded this subsequent contract for the Caffyns showroom in nearby Brighton.

The project specification was based around the corporate rebranding of the business and encompassed the complete refurbishment and fit-out of the existing showroom and ancillary accommodation following which, the construction of a new valet building was progressed.

The existing interior was replaced with a more modern and lighter design and layout maintaining consistency with the branding being rolled out across all Caffyns showrooms and premises.

An essential requirement of the contract was to enable the showroom/ sales area and workshop to continue in full operation throughout the works and for staff to be able to carry out their roles both safely and with minimal disruption. As such, temporary office accommodation was constructed adjacent to the site with separate access points to house the staff team and customers during the works period.

In the interests of maintaining a safe and secure work environment and to ensure minimal disruption to day-to-day operations and stakeholders, the Baxall Site Manager maintained regular contact with all affected parties; in the first instance, he introduced himself to all through personal visits where he advised of the works programme and issued his contact details for any questions or concerns. Live works, he carried out daily updates with the client representative and maintained on-going verbal and written liaison with all local businesses and residents thus ensuring that all parties were kept informed, updated and essentially involved at all times. The liaison was essentially a two-way process and incoming feedback was utilised to ensure that schedules and programming accounted for both client and external stakeholder requirements.

A good example was the development of a bespoke Traffic Management Plan which was devised to proactively arrange and manage all site traffic and deliveries to ensure that peak times such as rush hour, the school run and lunch time periods were avoided. The Plan further accounted for ad-hoc requirements such as deliveries to neighbouring businesses thus ensuring the roads and access remained congestion-free.

Excellent site management and a collaborative team effort enabled the works to be completed a week ahead of the planned schedule, thus affording time to complete a series of additional works within the original given programme. This, coupled with meeting all agreed budgets led to the overall successful delivery of the contract and a very pleased client.

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